Living History Association

35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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35th Alabama Infantry Regiment
73rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry

Universal Knapsack Items

All members are required to purchase the following items for use in their Knapsacks;
  • Night Cap (may omit if not camping)
  • M1858 U.S. Blanket (a civilian blanket is also acceptable)
  • Rubberized Gum Blanket or Poncho (Oilcloth Gum Blanket or Civilian Gum Blankets are also acceptable, especially for Confederate Impressions)
  • Shelter Half (Cincinnati Depot is preferred) (may omit if not camping)
  • Musket Cleaning Kit (appropriate brushes, jags, scrappers, and tool)
  • Candle Lantern (optional)
  • Candles (at least 3 per event)
  • Folding Mirror
  • Housewife (a sewing kit complete with needles, extra thread, extra buttons, and scissors)
  • Rubber Comb (wooden or bone is also acceptable) (may omit if not camping)
  • Wooden Toothbrush (bone is also acceptable) (may omit if not camping)
  • Tooth Powder (may omit if not camping)
  • Shaving Kit (consisting of shaving brush, straight razor, and shaving soap) (may omit if not camping)