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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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73rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry

General Impression

All members are required to purchase the following items for their Union impressions;
  • M1861 U.S. Forage Cap or M1857 U.S. Army Hat (a civilian hat is also acceptable. All hats and caps are to be undressed)
  • M1861 U.S. Enlisted Sack-coat (J. T. Martin Contract is preferred)
  • M1858 U.S. Enlisted Trousers (J. T. Martin Contract is preferred. Trousers are to be of sky blue color.)
  • M1851 U.S. Enlisted Great-coat
  • M1851 U.S. Jefferson Brogans (to include inlet heel rims or heel plates and hobnails)

All members should purchase the following items for accompanying accoutrements;
  • M1858 U.S. Canteen (St. Louis or Cincinnati Depot preferred)
  • M1855 U.S. Knapsack (painted with "73d Ind. Vol. Inf.")
  • M1851 U.S. Haversack
  • M1851 U.S. Enlisted Waist-belt with Plate
  • M1861 U.S. Cap Pouch
  • M1861 U.S. Cartridge Box with Plate (caliber appropriate to arm used)
  • M1858 U.S. Cartridge Box Belt with Breastplate
  • M1861 U.S. Bayonet Scabbard