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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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35th Alabama Infantry Regiment
73rd Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry

Non-Commissioned Officer Add-Ons

All Non-Commissioned Officers are to purchase additional jackets/coats for their impression and sew on their appropriate rank insignia. Patches are available at most sutlers for ranks, but some, especially Confederate, impressions may be best to sew individual stripes. Chevrons are to be sky or light blue with an option of black for Confederate impressions.

All Non-Commissioned Officers are to purchase additional trousers for their impressions. Union trousers are to have ½ inch stripes for Corporals, and 1 ½ inch stripes for ranks of Sergeant to Sergeant-Major. Confederate trousers may, if the wearer desires, have 1 ¼ inch leg stripes for the ranks of Sergeant and above. Leg stripes are to be a dark blue color, though Confederate impressions may have black leg stripes, or omit leg stripes all together.