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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Fifth Class (First Year)

Introduction to Infantry Tactics

Cadets will simultaneously study Silas Casey’s Infantry Tactics, William J. Hardee’s Rifle and Infantry Tactics, as well as Hardee’s Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics. By the completion of the course each cadet should be well versed in each manual.


School of Musketry

Cadets will learn the types of arms used during the war, how to safely operate them, how to maintain them, how to make basic repairs, and know the safety rules for each piece.


Campaign and Garrison Life

Cadets will learn how to set up and maintain a camp for both campaigns and garrisons. They will learn to build fires, cook rations, and some skills necessary for camping.


Fourth Class (Second Year)

Advanced Infantry Tactics

Cadets will simultaneously study the tactics of Winfield Scott, William Gilham, and D. W. Baxter. By completion of this course each cadet should be well versed in each manual.


Penmanship & Writing

Cadets will learn to read and write period script (Spencerian or Copperplate), as well as the art of writing period letters and reports.



Cadets will learn how to read and draw topographical maps.


Third Class (Third Year)

Introduction to Cavalry Tactics

Cadets will study Poinsett’s Cavalry Tactics, as well as basic horsemanship.



Cadets will learn basic fencing techniques for the sabre.



Cadets will learn the administrative responsibilities of command, both period and modern. They will learn to fill out forms, create websites, create social media pages, etc.


Second Class (Fourth Year)

Introduction to Field Artillery

Cadets will study the tactics of field artillery and become certified to operate a cannon.



Cadets will learn the responsibilities of planning, maintaining, and hosting a successful reenactment and living history event.


Army Regulations

Cadets will study the regulations of both Union and Confederate armies.


First Class (Fifth Year)

Evolution of Tactics

Cadets will study the evolution of American military tactics used during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Indian Wars, and the War of 1861, as well as French Napoleonic tactics.



Cadets will apprentice under a special impression, such as blacksmith, doctor, lawyer, farmer, printer, etc., and learn the skills of the trade so as to gain an understanding of the pre-war occupation of the soldiers.


Senior Research

Cadets will write a research paper on any topic they desire (with Instructor’s approval) between 1830 and 1865.