Living History Association

35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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The La Grange Military Academy for Reenactors is an organization seeking to train the next generation of leaders in the War of 1861 Living History/Reenacting hobby. While enrolled during our five-year program, cadets will learn period tactics and leadership skills necessary for running a living history/reenacting organization, while simultaneously portraying the cadets of Alabama’s first institute for higher learning, which served the State of Alabama from 1830 until closing in 1862 in order to form the 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment.


This organization is not exclusive to the 35th Alabama, however, and is in fact open to all units. Many courses will be held online, with lectures and demonstrations held at various reenactments and living histories throughout each year.


We are not an accredited school, but rather a training program and living history association based on the La Grange Military Academy.