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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Battle of Columbus/Belmont

Columbus-Belmont State Park, 350 Park Rd, Columbus, KY 38388

October 12th - 14th, 2018


73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry

will be portraying

Co K
31stIllinois Volunteer Infantry "The Dirty-First"

31st Illinois at Belmont 2018 - June Communique

Greetings to everyone that has been interested in the Dirty First Mess’ hybrid company at Columbus-Belmont’s annual Civil War Days in 2018!  The portrayal of this effort is that of Company K of the Thirty-First Illinois at the time of the Battle of Belmont in November of 1861. We’re working hard to make this appealing to both mainstream/garrison reenactors and hardcore/campaigner reenactors, and the result should be interesting. As part of this, we’ve been granted permission to establish a stationary campsite in the original earthworks for the weekend. From this we will be posting guard throughout both days, as well as several short marches in the area, and participating in the battle scenario on each day. In addition, there is an optional Ration issue that we have fit into the scenario, please contact Nik Berger (see below) if you wish to take part in it; it’s not required and if you wish to bring your own food that is perfectly fine. We also ask that anyone participating keeps all modern items that they insist on bringing hidden from the others that are participating (inside of your tent, etc.) and stay in character. We will be taking part in various activities throughout the event, some of which we wish to keep as a surprise – for now. There has been an inquiry into escalating our effort into a battalion, although at this time the intention is to remain a single consolidated company; this is an early war scenario and companies at the time were near full-strength, and the current interest does not justify a battalion with large company sizes in mind.


The command staff for this effort is:

Captain – Ryan Schuda

Lieutenant – Nik Berger

Orderly Sergeant – Erik Schultz

2nd Sergeant – Rich Neier

Due to having several reenactment units interested or committed to this effort, corporal positions will be assigned based on attendance from these various units on Saturday morning, and if interested and committed numbers continue to grow, another Lieutenant position will be created and held by a member of one of those organizations.


We’ve taken the liberty of including the uniform and equipment guidelines, our contact information, as well as preliminary orders of the day per request in this communique. Orders of the Day will also be posted at company headquarters during the event.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Being able to perform heavy marching order (knapsack/blanket roll) is a REQUIREMENT for this company, even if it's just an empty blanket rolled up and thrown over your shoulder. This is a '61 event, so heavy and overloaded packs are encouraged. While we do plan on a few small marches, none of them will be very long.


If you have any questions/concerns/etc. please don’t hesitate to contact Ryan Schuda (either on Facebook or via email at or Nik Berger (on Facebook). We also have a Facebook group established for this effort:


I remain,

Ryan Schuda

Commanding, Co. K, 31st IL