Living History Association

35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Battle of Columbus/Belmont

Columbus-Belmont State Park, 350 Park Rd, Columbus, KY 38388

October 12th - 14th, 2018


73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry

will be portraying

Co K
31stIllinois Volunteer Infantry "The Dirty-First"


Appearance and General Rules

Hair should be worn in a style appropriate to the period. Hair that is unusual for the period, such as long hair, mohawks, etc., must be kept hidden by the use of a hat, or other means, during “open” hours, or when spectators may be present, or during any pictures of video shoots.


Women wishing to be included in the ranks of soldiers must make every effort to disguise their gender. This is a specialized impression, and requires extra attention to detail. Women did indeed fight in the war, but if they were discovered they were sent home. To accurately portray a woman soldier, you have to pretend to be a man, and make it convincing.


Modern glasses are not permitted, and must be replaced with either period frames with your prescription lenses, or with the use of contact lenses as soon as possible.


Although there is indeed evidence of the “barefoot confederate”, such will not be permitted for safety reasons. Shoes must be worn.


Tobacco products, if used, must be used in the form of pipes, cigars, snuff, chew, or filter-less cigarettes.


Alcohol will not be permitted in or around the Chapel. Drunkenness will not be permitted, and any person found to be drunk will not be permitted to take the field, nor will they be asked to return.


All uniform pieces (jackets, trousers, kepis, etc.) should be made of mixed cotton and wool fabric, sewn in either a jean weave, cassimere weave, satinette weave, or a plain weave. Officers may use the same material as the enlisted personnel, or may choose to use broadcloth or kersey wool.


Headwear (little to no brass)

1. M1858 or M1861 U.S. Army Cap (forage cap)

2. M1858 U.S. Army Enlisted Hat (Hardee hat)

3. U.S. Kepi (sutler bought) or Civilian Hat


Trousers (to be supported by civilian braces or waist-belt)

1. M1858 U.S. Enlisted Trousers

2. M1861 U.S. Enlisted Trousers



1. State Issued Jacket

2. M1861 U.S. Sack-coat

3. M1858 U.S. Infantry Enlisted Frock-coat



1. M1851 U.S. Enlisted Great-coat


Footwear (to be worn with wool or cotton knit socks. To have inlet heel rims or heel plates and optional hobnails.)

1. M1851 U.S. Jefferson Bootees

2. Boots

Accoutrements & Camp Equipment


1. M1858 U.S. Canteen

2. M1862 U.S. “Bullseye” Canteen (allowed if no other choice)



1. M1858 U.S. Knapsack

2. Blanket Roll

3. Militia Packs



1. M1851 U.S. Haversack

2. Canvas Haversack (limited)


Cartridge Box, Sling, Cap Pouch, & Waist-belt

1. M1858 U.S. Issue

2. M1861 U.S. Issue


1. None

2. A-Frame/Wedge Tent

3. Shelter Half (if no choice)



1. U.S. Issue Blanket

2. Civilian Blanket/Coverlet


Gum Blanket

1. U.S. Issued Tarred

2. U.S. Issued Painted


1. Flintlock-to-Caplock Conversions

2. M1842 U.S. Musket, .69 Caliber (Springfield or Harper’s Ferry)

3. M1861 U.S. Rifled Musket, .58 Caliber (Springfield)

4. M1855 U.S. Rifled Musket, .58 Caliber (Springfield or Harper’s Ferry)

5. P1853 British Rifled Musket, .577 Caliber (Enfield, Birmingham, Liege, etc.)