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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Battle of Columbus/Belmont

Columbus-Belmont State Park, 350 Park Rd, Columbus, KY 38388

October 12th - 14th, 2018


73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry

will be portraying

Co K
31stIllinois Volunteer Infantry "The Dirty-First"

The fate of Kentucky hangs in the balance. War among States had occurred, and Kentucky desired, at least officially, to remain neutral. Whoever stepped foot on her soil first would be her enemy. Even though both sides violated this neutrality by recruiting in the State, it was the events around Columbus, Kentucky that decided her loyalty. Here it was Ulysses S. Grant facing off against Leonidas Polk in a relatively minor battle engagement, that had far more consequential political effects. Kentucky would officially join the Union, with a small factor declaring itself the rightful government and aligning themselves with the Confederacy.


Within the lines of Grant’s army were the eager troops of Company K, 31st Illinois Volunteer Infantry, known through-out the ranks as the “Dirty-first”. This would be their first real taste of war, and although their losses were small in comparison to other battles, it was here that they learned the true lessons of war.