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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Join the 35th Alabama Infantry at the

Battle of Resaca!

17 - 19 May 2019

Chitwood Rd, Resaca, GA 30756

Join us for our next scheduled event at the Battle of Resaca. It will be held in Resaca, Georgia on the 17th through 19th of May 2019. We will be portraying the 35th Alabama, but we will be having a special treat from the 39th Alabama. This is the 35th Alabama's entrance into the Atlanta Campaign. They had no time to be resupplied, and went to battle largely with items from local civilians. Civilian attire with Confederate arms and accoutrements are preferred. Registration is $10.00 before the 1st of May, and $20.00 after.


Event Location: Chitwood Rd, Resaca, GA 30756


Registration Fee: $20.00 ($10.00 if paid before May 1st).


Impression: C.S. 1863 Atlanta Campaign.

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