Living History Association

35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Living History Association

The 35th Alabama Infantry and 73rd Indiana Infantry Living History Association was organized at Olustee, Mississippi in February of 2013, however, the unit's history goes further back to May of 2009 when it formed as the 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Dismounted). The 4th Tennessee Cavalry was a member of the Armies of Tennessee from 2009 to 2012, and the Tennessee River KATs from 2013 to 2017. The unit has participated in the 150th Anniversary Cycle, included but not limited to the; 150th Battle of Shiloh, 150th Battle of (1st) Murfreesboro, 150th Battle of Chickamauga, 150th Battle for Decatur, and the 150th Battle of Franklin.

The unit consists of one military company, a medical staff, a Christian commission, and a civilian attachment. Many of the members serve as faculty, staff, and even cadets of the LaGrange Military Academy for Reenactors, and continues to represent the 35th Alabama's pre-war history through that portrayal.

The Association works closely with the LaGrange College Living History Association for their 35th Alabama impression, and the Triana, Alabama Historical Society for their 73rd Indiana impression.