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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Field & Staff

The 35th Alabama Field & Staff is primarily for members who portray specific staff positions in a Regiment. Here is where you will find the rolls that include chaplains, surgeons, quartermasters, and the like

Field Officers

Colonel = RESERVED

Lieutenant Colonel = RESERVED


Non-Commissioned Officers

Sergeant Major = RESERVED

Quartermaster Sergeant = Vacant

Commissary Sergeant = Vacant

Hospital Steward = Vacant

Acting Ordnance Sergeant = Vacant

Staff Officers

Adjutant = RESERVED

Chaplain = Captain Al Sprinkle

Surgeon = Major Grady Garton

Assistant Surgeon = Vacant

Commissary Officer = Vacant

Assistant Commissary Officer = Vacant

Quartermaster = Brevet Second Lieutenant John Brinkley

Assistant Quartermaster = Vacant