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35th Alabama Infantry & 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment

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Field & Staff

The 35th Alabama Field & Staff is primarily for members who portray specific staff positions in a Regiment. Here is where you will find the rolls that include chaplains, surgeons, quartermasters, and the like. Also listed are fill-in positions for Field Officers, which will only be effective in the event that the 35th Alabama presents battalion level numbers to an event. As such, the ranks indicated in the "Field Officers" section, or the "Non-Commissioned Officers" section are Brevet and Lance positions only.

Field Officers

Colonel = Matthew Joe Mallory (acting)

Lieutenant Colonel = Vacant

Major = Vacant

Non-Commissioned Officers

Sergeant Major = Vacant

Quartermaster Sergeant = Vacant

Commissary Sergeant = Vacant

Hospital Steward = Vacant

Acting Ordnance Sergeant = Vacant

Staff Officers

Adjutant = Vacant

Chaplain = Captain Al Sprinkle

Surgeon = Major Grady Garton

Assistant Surgeon = Vacant

Commissary Officer = Vacant

Assistant Commissary Officer = Vacant

Quartermaster = Vacant

Assistant Quartermaster = Vacant